I want to share my tree stories, I want to hear your stories, I want to know what everyone is saying to the trees in their lives and I want to meet the trees that you love.

Welcome to the home of Poetrees, a space between humans and nature, virtual and actual. Here you can pause to reflect on and discover the many ways we humans relate to the trees around us. The map is a different way of looking at the world, a map of our relationship with the more-than-human, it makes visible the emotional landscape that overlays the physical one.

Poetrees was inspired by the City of Melbourne’s urban forest map (where you can email a tree) and Radio National’s tree project (which gathered over 550 tree stories from listeners). These projects showed me that I was not alone in my longing to hear and share stories about trees. This was the longing that became a seed, watered with funding from the City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program and gently nurtured by Tim, Ann and me.

Now a sturdy sapling stands before you, now it’s your turn to become part of the Poetrees story. Sit with your favorite tree and write a poem. Know that we are listening gently, ready to hear the feeling behind your clumsy words. Tell us what you love about it. Tell us what your tree loves.

Let’s show each other how important our trees are.

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