African Sumac

Rhus aff. viminalis
Riversdale Park, Riversdale Road, Camberwell, BOROONDARA CITY
Level of significance
Heritage Listing
National Trust
Statement of Significance
Last updated on – July 19, 2004
Horticultural value
Rare or localised
This tree is an example of a species rare in cultivation in Victoria, with the only other known specimen at
Portland Botanic Gardens. It is a very popular native in South Africa and is wind and drought tolerant. It has an
evergreen, graceful habit & neat crown with smooth pale bark which becomes flakey with age.
Located on the eastern edge of the park next to play equipment.
Measurements: 12/10/1990
Spread (m): 16.5
Girth (m): multistemmed
Height (m): 8.1
Estimated Age (yrs): 90
Condition: Fair
Measurements: 23/11/2000
Spread (m): E-W 13.45; N-S 20.10
Girth (m): 7.65 (multi)
Height (m): 8.1
Estimated age (yrs): 104
Condition: Good
Access: Unrestricted
Classified: 25/10/1990
Report generated 13/05/16
Other Names African Sumac,
Hermes Number 70947


2A Spencer Road Camberwell

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