A Dream

This tree and I share our dreamings
Gifted from a friend, a symbol of generosity and hope
Already It’s survived heat and insect and a rough transplant to a new home
So it has a right to be a little tattered
But like a migrant, its hopeful shoots point to a fruitful future

The tree dreams as it grows
of spreading its limbs widely over this new ground,
of sheltering birds and insects from the fierce summer heat
under its broad leaves
Of reaching its roots through the stone and clay
and making connections via microscopic fungal pathways

Just as I dream of making connections in my new community
through the invisible links of conversations and meetings of minds
I dream of seeing my family with friends, old and new,
gathered beneath its branches sharing laughter and food
in the heat of summer and
basking in the winter sun under its bare branches.

The tree’s dream is of selfish abundance – fruit to spread its genetic legacy into the future
My dream is to support the abundance I already enjoy
gathering fallen leaves for mulch and compost to feed the tree
and sharing fruit and produce with those I love

You and I tree, we share our dreamings.


Sown in Bentleigh, this little fig tree seedling grows now on our block in Beechworth.

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