A tree in Mel-bouraide

Oh dear sweet tree. Thank you for being here. The day in mad March Radelaide when the weather decides to be more like Melbourne having a tropical Queensland gluten fuelled psychosis that some run and hide for fear of being drenched, some wine about and some, like myself, dangle arms to the gaps of your branches as I eat my lunch pre show, curious, as I remember rain is my favourite dish from the sky. Mad hey, getting wet? Pretty fucking tasty if you ask me, madness, occasionally, well, as long as I keep site of a tree, you or some part inside me that is sturdy. You do remind me of…. And well, you, you seem to be staying there a while. But Ive gotta go into the rain now, mmm wet! And perform. And there’s a painting of you on the wall at Tandanya Cafe, I think, so, I guess Ill see you there. On stage. Where the madness is served in bite sized droplets called “interactive folk world cabaret”, over your earth bed, under your cloud Gods and with the O2 you give. Thanks tree. See you soon buddy cakes.


East Terrace Adelaide

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