Silver Birch in Gold and Green

Leaves aflame with colour as far as the eye can follow
Who will best the other? Noble green/or the young xanthous upstart?
Hand to hand combat on every branch dazzles the eye
Will it be traditional verdance or will defectors to the other side
ruin everything by changing chlorophyll?

Atop this colour skirmishing
there brood the obese pigeon sentries
one eye to their treetop domain, the other to any movement below;
Alert to Meals on Legs if they dozed not!
In the opiate morn sun of June
one pigeon valiantly tries to keep opening one eye
while his pair of workmates dream of sweet young grubs.

Around the back door, smaller avian interlopers expertly infiltrate
rear branches level with the sleeping guards.
Wily dark-masked mynas flit in and out,
experts in rapid surveillance
while nervous eastern rosellas in twos and threes
tenuously sing their plans of invasion
in beautiful hues of voice and plume.


34 Lasiandra Avenue Forest Hill

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