Equal and opposite

Imagine each atom, wavelength,
Stretch of the body,
Bend of a tree.
Molecules are made from atoms,
Atoms are made from nothing.
They have no mass.
The illusion of physicality exists merely as thought.
Constructed reality.
Every time you pick up a rock,
The rock picks you up.
There is only changing of focus, attention.
We see trees rise up like lofty giants.
They cannot walk, sing or make love.
But to them –
We cannot walk,
We cannot sing,
We cannot make love
the same way trees can.
They have constructed a different universe,
One where it is us who is dewed in the morning and silhouetted in the evening.
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
I lie beneath the tree.
The tree lies beneath me.


150 Clarendon Street East Melbourne

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