Tree of life

Straight and tall, the wind
Has helped your branches fall, but life
Still courses through your veins.

And life adorns your buttresses with vibrant green
And life makes food of blackened caverns in between
And life is nesting in your limbs’ remains
And sheltering in sleepy hollows from the rain.

A century or two it takes
For wind and fire to cocreate
The perfect home for all this life to share.

And when the logger’s coming near
Does it fill your heart with fear
For all this life you’ve nurtured for so long?

There must be a better way
For folk to earn a living wage,
Their goal in life was never to destroy.

If only our society
Could nurture life, as does this tree
With every action, word and deed.


Big Bertha Track Powelltown
Large old tree full of hollows in an area designated for logging.

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An ancient remnant guarding
A modern crack in civilization.

The deep knowing of a survivor,
Encased in a gnarled and wisened trunk.

Blessed am I to shelter in you enduring grace.


16 Sturt Street Southbank
The big one under the pedestrian bridge.

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Golden poplar

Long I’ve stood upon this hill,
Long outlived the hand that placed me.
Shivering green, rooted in dirt,
My misshapen form’s grown tall.

Among my boughs a hollow hosts
A grey-furred scavenger of the night.
A youthful injury has become a nurturing home
I am a peaceful shelter from the light.


380 William Street Melbourne

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Elegy for a row of poplars

I understand the needs of civic offices
I know a dying tree can drop a branch
Or topple whole upon some hapless passer by
But my heart grieves for your passing.

You and your siblings were guardians of this street
Every morning you witnessed my passing
Along with so many other busy humans.

Tenderly you gave us shade
Releasing the breath of life
Even as you drank in ours
My heart is humbled by your generosity.

I hope in death you have the opportunity
To pass on your precious nutrients
That your spirit may live on through other beings.

I hope the one who cut you down
Opened their heart to your glory
And gave thanks for your magnificent life
As I do.


240-290 Spring Street East Melbourne

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Moreton Bay Fig

I have no shame.
I stand in full view of early morning commuters.
Back aligned with his wide trunk,
Head tipped back, relaxed and loose,
Listening with my heart
To the rustle of the ancient forest
Alive within this concrete jungle.


39 Rathdowne Street Carlton

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