Quiet elder

Ahh it is such a relief to have you here, tall, wise and well travelled, watching over us. Patience and reverence. Gratitude for you lineage, your connection, our teacher from the other side of the ocean.


The Californian Redwood opposite the scout hall near the storm hut

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The Dancer

Short and bendy like me,
How had I not noticed you before?
Today on my walk of gratitude I did though.
Your open, playful arms,
Inviting me to sway with you…
I do.
You tell me to go with the flow.
Thankyou bold and graceful aikido dancer.


840 Riversdale Road Camberwell

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A community of gums

Like a bridge, you hold this land.
Visible scars connecting the past to the present.

A community of gums on the hill,
Overlooking new comers- trees and buildings and people.
A busy community yourself, a hub for many,
Diverse tracks laid up and down your trunk,
telling different stories of just your grand sturdy life.

I see you and your family, quiet observers amongst the bustle,
and am grateful for your anchor in this place.


74 Dudley Street West Melbourne

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We have met before.
I have been held here, on my way to somewhere else,
I have taken solace here and wept beneath your boughs.

You, my friend, are quite the specimen:
The tips of your bright green branches reaching up
and all the way back down to the ground again,
like a fountain.
In doing so, you create a magical, sacred holding space.
As “Fairy tree” I’m sure you are known by some.

Today it is you who need the favour.
Your arms that can hold so much, embrace so many,
can’t easily pluck the foreign that has been implanted in your trunk.

I will happily return the favour, glad to have a tool in my pocket.
I see one of your wounds are weeping,
Now I can embrace you.


51 Rathdowne Street Carlton

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Sunshine on a wild edge

There you are hiding along a wire fence,
Nestled among the crumbled concrete and dry leaves, captured.
Your sunshine draws me in,
Close enough to see the tiny pink bugs that call you home.
You and your freedom friends dande’, fennel, ‘sturtium and buckwheat,
Reclaiming this wild edge, putting down roots,
Where others do not roam.


16 Sturt Street Southbank

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playground guardian

I breathe you in
Rounded, whole, I relax
Connect. Home
I feel.
Together we sit
Shelter for the children
To grow with you.


78 Batman Avenue Melbourne

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