Trees speak a thousand words They speak of pride and grace Strength and forbearance They say ” stay put!” As wind tickle the leaves The fluttering create smiles They say a thousand words. The way the branches dance On a stage of nature’s best While hearts beats applauding The way their trunks look beaten Like they’ve been through hell and back Yet still hold on to emerald green. Some whisper to the clouds As they pass exchanging secrets. And when the leaves part away Magnifying their ageing wrinkles They still say a thousand words. Trees are observers of life! What would you say about us, If you could talk, wise one? Or are you already trying to Tell us something with your branches. As your trunk steadies on ground And divides signing its Language Via branches which fall On deaf ears, while spreading more green. As if you are telling us we came from One earth and only when we understand, Will we grow! Could it be each shape is a clue? Could it be?


5 Sundew Close Hillside

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